The Power of the PAC

When you think of the word “advocacy,” it may bring several different thoughts to your mind. Many think of our grassroots efforts, such as lobby days and action alert emails. You may thinkof a specific client who you advocate for every day in the work you do, or of a coworker who goes the extra mile to get involved. What may not immediately come to mind and what is equally important, however, are how our Political Action Committees (PACs) play a vital role in our advocacy efforts and our ability to affect change for our staff and clients by sharing our voices.

PACs are a tool that allow BAYADA to support our legislative champions who are supportive and sympathetic to our issues and the home care industry in general. In New Jersey in particular, we have supported 33 legislative events so far in 2018. These events, whether they are fundraisers, dinners, or meet-and-greets, give BAYADA an opportunity to even further engage with the legislators who are making laws that directly affect our clients and employees.

Christine Rios, Director of Morris Plains Pediatrics and our 2018 National Ambassador of the Year, knows first-hand the Power of the PAC:

Being a member of the PAC has given me the opportunity to attend numerous legislative events over the past several years. Attending these events repeatedly puts me front and center with the very legislators that are making decisions that directly affect our clients and employees every day. The more they see my face, the more likely they will remember me and the stories I’ve shared about our clients.. When they see that we support them as legislators, they will be more apt to support our issues in Trenton. The more we talk to them, the more confident and knowledgeable they will be about our issues. In terms of supporting our staff and clients, being a PAC member is priceless!

 Kim Flynn, a clinical manager at the WTP office, had similar experiences attending PAC-supported events. Through her attendance, she became more comfortable making sincere connections with her legislators, and those relationships in turn enabled her to urge them to support our legislative efforts, including advocating for rate adjustments and BAYADA’s Parking Placard bill.

Kim said, “I feel like I’m part of an exclusive club! The PAC has enabled me to meet my legislators and show them what home care means to their constituents. They really care about our issues, and the PAC gives us the face time required to really show them what we do for our clients.”

As BAYADA continues to grow to recruit more employees and care for more clients, it is becoming increasingly more important that we understand the power of advocacy in its totality. This means participation not only in grassroots efforts to educate our legislators about our issues, but also participation in PAC efforts which are vital in our ability to support our legislative champions.

All BAYADA employees are eligible to join the NJ PAC. Only full time, exempt, salaried employees are able to join BAYADA’s federal PAC due to regulations. Click here to join the PAC to support New Jersey legislators who support home care!

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