Setting A Rate Floor Gains Traction in Delaware

Representative Debra Heffernan, Vice Chair of the House Health and Human Development Committee, has offered to sponsor and draft a bill that would set a reimbursement rate floor for skilled nursing care for all payers under the state’s Medicaid equal to what Medicaid pays directly.  This bill would go a long way in helping home health care providers have consistency in their plans.  Rep. Heffernan represents an area north of Wilmington along the Delaware River, east of Fairfax.   Two other representatives have offered to sponsor the bill as well, and an additional representative has offered to co-sponsor the bill.

NJ PAC Members Support Legislators Who Support Home Care

Submitted by Louise Lindenmeier, Director, NJ Government Affairs (GAO)

February was a busy Political Action Committee (PAC) month, as the NJ PAC supported 6 legislative events.  PEDs Director Christine Rios and PCP Director Megan Seyler attended Senator Robert Gordon’s event.  Senator Gordon is one of the co-sponsors of bill A320, which sets a floor for managed Medicaid reimbursement.

PEDs Director Christine Rios, Senator Gordon and PCP Director Megan Seyler

BAYADA Client and Family Advocacy Director Rick Hynick attended Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald’s Flyers game event.  Rick spent time thanking the Majority leader for all his support.  Other legislators supported include Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Assemblymen Paul Moriarty, Craig Coughlin and Arthur Barclay.  Home visits were offered to the legislators who are interested in learning more about home health care.

Client Advocacy Director Rick Hynick and Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald

Delaware: Moving Forward In 2017

Submitted by Shannon Gahs, Associate Director, DE Government Affairs (GAO)

Governor John Carney took office in January, inheriting a budget deficit of $350 million.  As a result, the General Assembly is reviewing all planned expenditures for 2017.  I attended public hearings on all parts of the budget affecting the Department of Health and Social Services and testified on the need for a rate floor in Medicaid-contracted services.