Home Visit Shows Need For Home Care To NJ Legislator

Submitted by Tara Montague, Manager, NJ Client and Family Advocacy (GAO)

Through the efforts of Hearts for Homecare Ambassador and Director Rose Sample, State Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez made a visit to the home of Cherry Hill Pediatric client, Lindsay H. The Senator had the opportunity to meet Lindsay and her mother, Debbie, as well as some of the Pediatric Cherry Hill office staff and Susan Stout, one of the nurses who helps to take care of Lindsay.

According to Rose, both the client’s mom Debbie and nurse Susan were just blown away by the Senator’s compassion and concern.  The Senator and Lindsay’s mom connected on a number of levels.  Senator Cruz-Perez thanked everyone repeatedly and said it made her week to be there.  In follow-up from the meeting with Lindsay’s mom, Debbie shared that, “She seemed like a wonderful and sincere person, and I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to get to know her and share stories.”

Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, our client’s mother Debbie H., Rose Sample, Clinical Manager Kara Leahy (pink jacket), Nurse Susan Stout, and our client Lindsay H.

BAYADA Government Affairs Office (GAO) Hosts NJ Hearts for Home Care Ambassador Training

Submitted by Louise Lindenmeier, Director, NJ Government Affairs (GAO)

With over 45 Hearts for Home Care ambassadors in attendance at the New Jersey Learning Center, Talent Management Office and Leadership Development Project Manager Ron Ross and the Government Affairs Office (GAO) team, offered a full day training on ways the ambassadors can effectively be involved in grassroots advocacy.  The day was filled with interactive activities, focusing on state issues, clients advocacy, and effective storytelling.  Each ambassador had an opportunity to speak about their clients and employee stories which will be very impactful to legislators.  The Ambassador’s next step is to meet with their district legislators during the planned, “Hearts for Home Care Advocacy Week” in May.

Ambassadors listening to Ron Ross speak

NJ PAC Members Support Legislators Who Support Home Care

Submitted by Louise Lindenmeier, Director, NJ Government Affairs (GAO)

February was a busy Political Action Committee (PAC) month, as the NJ PAC supported 6 legislative events.  PEDs Director Christine Rios and PCP Director Megan Seyler attended Senator Robert Gordon’s event.  Senator Gordon is one of the co-sponsors of bill A320, which sets a floor for managed Medicaid reimbursement.

PEDs Director Christine Rios, Senator Gordon and PCP Director Megan Seyler

BAYADA Client and Family Advocacy Director Rick Hynick attended Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald’s Flyers game event.  Rick spent time thanking the Majority leader for all his support.  Other legislators supported include Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Assemblymen Paul Moriarty, Craig Coughlin and Arthur Barclay.  Home visits were offered to the legislators who are interested in learning more about home health care.

Client Advocacy Director Rick Hynick and Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald

Hearts for Home Care State Ambassadors of the Year named, to be honored in Washington, DC

Submitted by Dave Totaro, Chief Government Affairs Officer (GAO)

Over the past few weeks, BAYADA’s Government Affairs Office (GAO) has announced the Hearts for Home Care Ambassador of the Year finalists for each state. It is with great pleasure that we now congratulate the Hearts for Home Care State Ambassador of the Year winners:

Delaware and Maryland: Ali Knott, director, Delaware Pediatric North (DPN) office

New Jersey: Ida Rodriguez, client services manager, Hudson County (HUD) assistive care state programs office

North Carolina: Melissa Zuzolo, director, Conover (CON) assistive care state programs office

Pennsylvania: Mike Sokoloski, community liaison, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (WBS) assistive care state programs office

We also congratulate our national Rookie Ambassador of the Year Trisha Lasher, a nurse in the Berks County Visits (BRK) office.

Each of these individuals has shown an outstanding commitment to advocacy on behalf of our clients and fellow employees, which directly benefits the entire company. For example, in 3Q’16, 24% of all of the growth in the company’s revenue came from reimbursement rate increases generated by GAO over the previous year. Without the support of these Ambassadors, it would be very difficult to attain the achievements that generated such remarkable growth throughout our company and we are proud to honor these valued advocates as our 2016 Hearts for Home Care State Ambassadors of the Year.

On March 15, these awardees and their guests will spend time with GAO leadership in Washington DC, enjoying a dinner in their honor and discussing their advocacy efforts. At that dinner, they will officially receive their respective Ambassador of the Year Awards, and one of the four state Ambassadors will receive the prestigious Hearts for Home Care National Ambassador of the Year recognition. The trip also includes an overnight stay at the Marriott Marquis and the opportunity to take in the sights of Washington on a private guided tour.

 The Hearts for Home Care Ambassador Program

 Since 2011, the Ambassador program has promoted advocacy by calling on staff to take leadership roles within their offices as Ambassadors. The Ambassador’s role is to act as a liaison for GAO in communicating the importance of our advocacy initiatives to their colleagues and spearheading visits with legislators at clients’ homes, in legislators’ district offices, and with staff at our support and service offices.

Our Hearts for Home Care Ambassadors of the Year have gone well above and beyond the ambassador call of duty.

In Delaware, Ali and her son, Christopher, attended a meet-and-greet with Senator (now Lt. Governor) Bethany Hall-Long and Senator Nicole Poore where they made a strong impression on the legislators as Ali shared the challenges of the disability community.

In New Jersey, Ida developed and strengthened a relationship with Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez, which included a home visit with a HUD client. As a result, Assemblywoman Jimenez signed on as a co-sponsor to a vital piece of legislation that BAYADA supports – A320.

In North Carolina, in addition to coordinating a home visit, Melissa served on the board of the BAYADA NC political action committee and represented BAYADA on the Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee.

In Pennsylvania, in addition to serving as a board member of the BAYADA PA political action committee, Mike organized four legislative round tables in 2016 and was appointed by then-Governor Tom Wolf as the sole home care representative to the Governor’s Long-Term Care Council.

Also in Pennsylvania, our Rookie Trisha has the distinction of being our first field employee to serve as an Ambassador. She built a relationship with Representative Jim Cox that was instrumental in helping a client who had been hitting roadblocks for five years to finally get a chair glide installed in her home.

We appreciate all 192 Hearts for Home Care Ambassadors who advocate for our clients and colleagues while still performing their full-time job responsibilities. We also thank the division directors and directors who either serve as Ambassadors or support the Ambassadors in their areas. Everyone’s volunteer advocacy efforts truly embody living The BAYADA Way.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our BAYADA Hearts for Home Care Ambassador of the Year!



Client Advocacy Gains Ground in NJ and PA

Submitted by Tara Montague, Manager, Client and Family Advocacy, NJ and Rick Hynick, Director, Client and Family Advocacy

Client and Family Advocacy Manager Tara Montague has been busy visiting service offices with Government Affairs Office (GAO) Director Louise Lindenmeier to talk about client and family advocacy and the Hearts for Home Care program. So far, we’ve managed to visit with nine offices with more being scheduled every day.

Additionally, on January 27, GAO Director Rick Hynick had the pleasure of meeting with Kim Minor, Pennsylvania’s Northeast Regional Coordinator for the Special Kids Network (SKN). SKN helps to identify services for children and families who care for individuals with physical, developmental, behavioral, and emotional needs. Supporting families in overcoming their challenges by utilizing community support services is a large part of what SKN accomplishes on a daily basis. SKN will be working with BAYADA by promoting home care advocacy as they will be attending and taking part in our community home care support group meetings.

Overall, our offices are excited about having our clients be more involved in our advocacy efforts and supporting our legislative visits.




Exciting Opportunities Lie Ahead in Client and Family Advocacy

Submitted by Tara Montague, Manager, NJ Client and Family Advocacy (GAO)

BAYADA’s Client and Family Advocacy team has been working diligently to set the stage for our efforts in client and family advocacy in PA and NJ.  Collecting client and family stories through our Hearts for Home Care platform is a vital part of our strategy.  We will be sharing these stories with legislators through client home visits, roundtables, and advocacy groups to help legislators increase their understanding of the issues facing families, and to secure their support for home health care.