Building Foundations for Advocacy is a Team Exercise in Maryland

Submitted by Shannon Gahs, Director, MD Government Affairs (GAO)

The “Interim” or time between the end of one legislative session and the beginning of the next, is a key time to develop relationships with partners and legislators.  Much of this work is behind the scenes, but you can get involved!  We need ambassadors and other office or field employee volunteers to step up to organize district office visits, where you and I will visit key legislators in the communities they represent.  These visits are key to helping educate our legislators about the people we care for and the people we employ in their districts and build a foundation for future advocacy.  Call or email me if you’d like to get involved.

NC Special Session Focuses on Redistricting

Submitted by Lee Dobson, Area Director, Government Affairs (GAO)

NC Special Session Focuses on Redistricting. While the “Long” Legislative Session adjourned back in July, lawmakers have been called back to Raleigh twice. The General Assembly was directed by the US Supreme Court to re-draw the 28 voting districts that were found unconstitutional due to Gerrymandering. After much debate along party-lines, the redrawn maps have been sent back to the courts. If approved the new districts will be used in the 2018 elections.