Client Corner

Submitted by Rick Hynick, Director of Family and Client Advocacy GAO)

Efforts are under way to communicate with adult offices that work with assistive care clients through the OLTL program.  By bringing caregiving experiences together with voices of our clients and families, BAYADA’s Government Affairs Office has the ability to team up with service offices to fight for better reimbursement, which in turn can help with staff recruitment and retention.


Champions Among Us, a BAYADA quarterly newsletter dedicated to pediatric and adult client family advocacy, will soon become part of Care Connections, and will provide our clients with quarterly updates.


Don’t forget to join Hearts For Home Care at   and help a client or family to join as well to become part of a growing group of people who are ready to advocate for a better tomorrow for home health care.  An advocacy Facebook page will soon be underway and will be dedicated to advocacy efforts and clients’, families’ and our employees’ activities.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at Awards Weekend!

NJ PAC Members Support Legislators Who Support Home Care

Submitted by Louise Lindenmeier, Director, NJ Government Affairs (GAO)

February was a busy Political Action Committee (PAC) month, as the NJ PAC supported 6 legislative events.  PEDs Director Christine Rios and PCP Director Megan Seyler attended Senator Robert Gordon’s event.  Senator Gordon is one of the co-sponsors of bill A320, which sets a floor for managed Medicaid reimbursement.

PEDs Director Christine Rios, Senator Gordon and PCP Director Megan Seyler

BAYADA Client and Family Advocacy Director Rick Hynick attended Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald’s Flyers game event.  Rick spent time thanking the Majority leader for all his support.  Other legislators supported include Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Assemblymen Paul Moriarty, Craig Coughlin and Arthur Barclay.  Home visits were offered to the legislators who are interested in learning more about home health care.

Client Advocacy Director Rick Hynick and Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald

Exciting Opportunities Lie Ahead in Client and Family Advocacy

Submitted by Tara Montague, Manager, NJ Client and Family Advocacy (GAO)

BAYADA’s Client and Family Advocacy team has been working diligently to set the stage for our efforts in client and family advocacy in PA and NJ.  Collecting client and family stories through our Hearts for Home Care platform is a vital part of our strategy.  We will be sharing these stories with legislators through client home visits, roundtables, and advocacy groups to help legislators increase their understanding of the issues facing families, and to secure their support for home health care.