In Pennsylvania, Fundraising Season Abounds

Submitted by Laura Ness, Director, PA Government Affairs (GAO)

Now that the PA House and Senate appropriations hearings have finished, the fundraising season for candidates has begun.  First, Chief Government Affairs Officer Dave Totaro and I had the opportunity to thank Representative Bill Adolph for being our champion.  During the event, we had the opportunity to see Senator Scott Wagner, who is also running for Governor, and Congressmen Pat Meehan.  Next, I had the opportunity to speak with the new House Appropriations Chair Representative Stan Saylor.  We discussed the need for higher reimbursement rates if the state approves a minimum wage increase.  The events were rounded out by a visit with Senator Judy Schwank the Health and Human Services Minority Chair, Representative Donna Bullock, Aging and Youth Chair Senator Michele Brooks, and Representative Madeline Dean.

Supporting our Political Action Committees is an important part of the Government Affairs Office’s recipe for success.  Fundraisers provide additional opportunities to get to know legislators who make decisions about home health care.  It is also a way to ensure those that support home care get into and stay in office.

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