Living the American Dream: BAYADA Helm Passes from Father to Son

Submitted by Conner Sheets, Intern, Government Affairs (GAO)

The idea of a parent who builds up a successful business for their children is one that has been idealized in the US. Few events can fill someone’s heart with pride like seeing something they have dedicated a large portion of their life to building being taken over by someone they have dedicated a large portion of their life to raising. For Mark Baiada, this American Dream became a reality. On his 70th birthday, Mark stepped down as CEO of BAYADA Home Health Care and his son, David Baiada, assumed the position.  Mark will take a position as Chairman of the Board, making himself available for any advice or support that David might need. During his time as CEO, Mark built BAYADA to be recognized as the gold standard of home health care, providing quality care in the home to hundreds of thousands with three key values: compassion, excellence, and reliability. David now takes the wheel and continues to move towards his father’s vision of serving millions of individuals around the globe. It is certain that the principles and values which set BAYADA apart under Mark’s leadership will continue under David’s.

I have had the good fortune to meet Mark and David a couple of times in my brief stay at BAYADA. Though these meetings were brief, two things that were obvious in both men were their compassion and their genuine love for the people around them. I feel quite confident in predicting that we can expect great things from David as he builds off the strong foundation laid by his father.

Lend Your Voice to Help MA Families: Moving Globe Article Highlights State’s Shortfalls

Submitted by Conner Sheets, Intern, Government Affairs (GAO)

The Boston Globe recently published a touching and impactful article detailing the plight of Noelia Ferreira and her fifteen-year-old daughter, Abi. The article detailed Noelia’s painful balancing act between being Abi’s mother and her nurse, and the anxiety she feels knowing that someone better trained should be taking care of Abi’s medical needs. While Abi qualifies for the care that would give Noelia a much needed sense of relief and reassurance, MA does not currently offer funding that attracts the qualified nurses necessary to provide the kind of care Abi needs. Noelia is not looking for any special consideration; she only wants the care that the state has already approved, care she has gone without for more than 150 days. (See the full Globe article here).

The lack of available medical professionals in MA is being felt by more than just the Ferreira’s. The abysmal reimbursement rates in the state leave providers with no means of meeting the care needs of the 900 people who need care in MA. Without an increase in the rates, families like Noelia’s will continue to go without the care they so desperately need. You can all help in the effort to get that increase. Go to and tell Governor Baker to fund the critical CSN program!

Healthcare Havoc: Senate Showdown Kills Obamacare Replacement

Submitted by Conner Sheets, Intern, Government Affairs (GAO)

If you’ve been following the news lately then you know that the efforts of Senate Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare have been shut down; what you may not know is how we got to this point.

The recent argument in the Senate over healthcare began with the drafting of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (“BCRA”). The bill attracted controversy over the mystery of its creation and the large number of Americans that would go without care if the bill were to become law. When we heard that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell planned to bring the BCRA to a Senate vote, BAYADA Home Healthcare mobilized. Employees, clients, and families sent over 125,000 emails and placed over 600 phone calls to key Senators. In the end, McConnell decided he didn’t have the needed votes and we took a collective deep breath.

Unfortunately, the peace did not last long. The Senate voted to bring three pieces of legislation to the debate floor: an edited BCRA, a “repeal now, replace later” bill, and a “skinny repeal” that got rid of some parts of Obamacare without removing the legislation completely. Millions of clients currently receiving services under Medicaid would be harmed by any of these bills, so BAYADA wasted no time in mobilizing once again. Over the course of two-and-a-half days, BAYADA employees, clients, and supporters sent an astonishing 69,000 emails to key Senators! One by one, the three bills failed in the Senate.

There is no doubt that the incredible movement of BAYADA and our friends played a role in protecting Medicaid during this debacle. Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent, the issue was simple – save the Medicaid program and the services that we know are crucial to the health and well-being of so many of our clients and caregivers. We’d like to thank each of every one of those who took action and helped protect the lives of Medicaid clients everywhere. Your efforts are making sure the government stays a government “by the people, for the people”.